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Muslim Liquor Store Owners Get Help With Moral Dilemma

Prescribed by his Islamic faith to pray five times a day, Mazen Materieh often prostrates himself on one of the prayer rugs in the basement of his corner store. When he is done, he returns to his perch behind the counter, where he sells liquor, lottery tickets and pork skins — all forbidden by the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad. Read More

Fighting the Food Justice Fight One Veggie at a Time

In poor black neighborhoods on the South Side of Chicago, the corner store is like an old-fashioned, all-purpose general store. But not nearly as pleasant and accommodating. Patrons support them out of convenience because major grocers ignore these communities. Corner stores tend to mostly peddle junk and unhealthy food–potato chip varieties, funny-colored soft drinks, anything with high fructose corn syrup–exacerbating community ills of diabetes and hypertension. Read More

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