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Discussing Healthy Communities in Englewood

The Englewood Healthy Community Forum was held Saturday, June 18th, in the Great Hall of Kennedy King College, as a collaboration between community-based organizations in Englewood, the Englewood Neighborhood Health Clinic, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN). More than 150 community residents attended the forum and provided feedback for legislators. Read More

About Muslim Run

The Muslim Run Campaign developed to address the long history of harmful and unjust business practices, escalating racial and ethnic tensions, and unhealthy food options at corner stores throughout the inner-city. What began in 2007 as a comprehensive study done on the often negative relationship between Arab-owned corner and liquor stores and predominantly African-American communities has evolved into a campaign that focuses on four critical points: developing an alternative business model for Muslim-run businesses on Chicago’s South Side, using policy to promote lasting change in the food justice arena, launching an education campaign that stresses the benefits of leading healthier lifestyles and healing racial tensions between Muslim store owners and their patrons.

In the four short years since our initial study, food deserts have become a national hot-button topic with hundreds of research firms, community based organizations, private foundations, government agencies, and corporations working on the issue. From forming community-led food cooperatives and farmers markets, to creating traveling produce and discount grocery stores, there is no shortage of proposed solutions. From the beginning, IMAN has recognized the very unique position it holds in this sea of efforts, as an advocacy group, potential business reformer and incubator and possible bridge between two struggling communities.

Listen to Rami Nashashibi discuss Muslim Run on WBEZ, Chicago Public Radio

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An Example from the Life of Muhammad
A man brought to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) some wine as a gift. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “You don’t know that Allah has forbidden it?” The man then spoke to someone in a whisper. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked him: “what did you say to him?” The man replied, “I have asked him to sell it.” The Messenger of Allah told him that Allah who has forbidden its drinking, has forbidden its buying and selling as well.

Solidarity at the Liquor Store?
IMAN’s Muslim Run was featured in the national magazine on race and politics, Colorlines, produced by the Applied Research Center. The article explores immigrant-owned and run businesses in Black Neighborhoods. Download it here

Muslim liquor store owners get help with moral dilemma
A Muslim group is offering a grant to help store owners sell fresh foods instead of liquor, pork and other Islam-proscribed merchandise. Read it here

Fighting the Food Justice Fight, One Veggie at a Time
America’s inner cities are virtual food deserts, with nary a grocery store to be found. How one Chicago coalition is trying to change all that.