SB 2282 Passes Through Illinois Senate, Moves on to House

After months of advocating, educating and rallying community members, IMAN organizers and leaders celebrated the passage of the Removing Invisible Bars Bill (SB 2282) through the Illinois Senate on April 22. Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.23.36 PMSB 2282 was drafted under the leadership of Green ReEntry Housing Coordinator Nasir Blackwell, who himself is impacted by the harsh parole technicalities faced by the formerly incarcerated. Now the organizing team’s focus turns to the state House of Representatives, with passage through that legislative body pushing Illinois one step closer to commonsense parole reform.

Organizers devoted extensive time and effort in April in order to secure the necessary support for SB 2282, traveling to Springfield several times to meet with legislators. The trip to the state capitol, during the CIOGC-sponsored Illinois Muslim Action Day linked IMAN’s push for parole reform with the calls for reduced school arrests and other initiatives led by Equal Voice ally organizations like Communities United.

springfield stepsIn the weeks to come, IMAN organizers will continue the Removing Invisible Bars campaign with an intense focus on garnering support in the House of Representatives. You can play a crucial role in helping to bring real, impactful parole reform to Illinois by contacting the following legislators and telling them that you believe in the Removing Invisible Bars bill: Elaine Nekritz, Barbara Flynn Currie, Elgie Sims, and Lashawn Ford.

Interested in joining the team of organizers and leaders pushing to remove the invisible bars? Contact Shamar Hemphill today to get plugged in.

US Representatives Tour IMAN & Deepen Engagement

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.24.50 PMIMAN deepened its relationship with members of the Congressional Black Caucus this past month through several engagements with US Congresswoman Robin Kelly (D-IL 2nd District) and others. Executive Director Rami Nashashibi was invited to a Congressional Dinner hosted by Rep. Kelly, where he shared IMAN’s work and vision with legislators from across the country. The following morning, Nashashibi stood with Rep. Kelly at a major press conference during which she outlined her crucial “Urban Progress” initiative to combat increasing gun violence plaguing urban centers throughout the nation. IMAN was specifically mentioned as a model for holistic solutions to violence.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.23.00 PMKelly and several other members of the US House of Representatives—including Danny Davis (D-IL 7th District), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX 18th District), Yvette Clarke (D-NY 9th District), and US Senate hopeful Tammy Duckworth (D-IL 8th District)—toured IMAN later that day, in order to witness firsthand how the organization fosters health, wellness and healing on Chicago’s southwest side. The esteemed guests visited the current Green ReEntry renovation project, as well as the MLK Living Memorial studio.

This historic engagement propels IMAN toward a critical national organizing effort, wherein community organizations from across the country will be mobilized for a massive action in Washington D.C. this fall centered around impactful criminal justice reform. For more information, contact Organizing Director Shamar Hemphill.

CommUNITY Café Kicks Off Exhilarating Debut for IMAN Atlanta

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.22.47 PMAfter months of preparation and planning, IMAN Atlanta hosted CommUNITY Café: 1000 Mile Journey on April 23, its debut event. A caravan of staff and leaders from Chicago hit the road and took to the skies to support this landmark effort, which was led by ATL Regional Organizer Mansoor Sabree and Ny’imah Byrd. Café guests were treated to a stellar lineup of local, national and internationally artists; rapper-producer Oddisee headlined the event, Omar Offendum delivered stirring and focused lyrics, independent songstress Drea D’Nur softened hearts with her powerful voice, while Quadir Lateef’s high-octane set provided the perfect opening. CommUNITY Café: 1000 Mile Journey was hosted by poet-activist (and Morehouse College alum) Basheer Jones.

While certainly a success in and of itself, CommUNITY Café: 1000 Mile Journey was part of a larger weekend program spearheaded by the IMAN Atlanta team. Greening Youth, a Georgia-based sustainability foundation, hosted an inspiring Young Leaders Forum at their four-acre location on the city’s west side. Youth from Chicago were able to tour the expansive garden site, Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 4.22.16 PMwhich included a chicken coop and aquaponics system, and exchange valuable tips with peers. Omar Offendum, Drea D’Nur and Quadir Lateef joined the IMAN youth for the tour.

Before heading back to Chicago, staff and leaders visited the historic King Center in downtown Atlanta. The group reflected on the legacy of King’s work and connected the IMAN-led MLK Living Memorial Project to this nationally recognized space of remembrance.

IMAN Atlanta now looks to build on the incredible momentum following April’s CommUNITY Café. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates by following IMAN Atlanta on Facebook.

IMAN Atlanta Project Making Strides Across the State

Led by Regional Organizer Mansoor Sabree, the IMAN Atlanta Project gained significant traction in all aspects of its mission this past month, from aligning with local legislators on pressing social justice issues to setting the stage for April’s first-ever CommUNITY Café in Atlanta.

In early March, Sabree traveled to the Georgia State Capitol as a part of the Georgia Justice Project’s annual Lobby Day. Upholding IMAN’s commitment to criminal justice reform, he drummed up support for Georgia Senate Bill 367, which is designed to remove barriers to employment that employment that impede the reintegration of the formerly incarcerated into society. The IMAN Atlanta team stays in stays in close contact with the Chicago headquarters in order to align with its efforts to pass the Removing Invisible Bars Bill (Illinois SB 2282), which is focused on substantial parole reform measures.

IMAN ATL OPENIMAN Atlanta supporter base was significantly deepened after Sabree and IMAN Executive Director Rami Nashashibi attended the Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs (OPEN) quarterly breakfast gathering. They shared IMAN Atlanta’s vision and achievements, thereby strengthening important networks and relationships. Sabree and Nashashibi also took advantage of their time together to visit like-minded organizations and potential partners like Greening Youth.

Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, April 23rd, which will be the first CommUNITY Café held in Atlanta. CommUNITY Café: 1000 Mile Journey is headlined by Washington, D.C.-area rapper Oddisee, and will be the IMAN Atlanta Project’s entrée into the storied Georgia arts community. Follow IMAN Atlanta on Facebook for the latest news and updates!