Community Café: MIGRATIONS

At IMAN Arts & Culture, we are excited to welcome supporters and fans to another full season of Community Café.  Next Saturday, April 19, will see the first Community Café of 2014 return to the historic Parkway Ballroom location in the Bronzeville neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.  Community Café: MIGRATIONS will feature Chicago’s own G10151990_10153929337675697_1533745717_nrammy Award-winning spoken word artist/MC Malik Yusef, an exciting first-time appearance by the Black Monks of Mississippi, and the return of FEW Collective.

The story of human migrations is often a grueling but formative one for all our communities.  From the Great Migration of African Americans out of the rural South to the immigration of Latinos and others out of the global South, migrations make our stories.  This Community Café will explore where these stories connect, and disconnect, through powerful artistic performances.  It will also call attention to the ongoing organizing and advocacy efforts around local issues, such as immigration reform, or global issues that lead to the painful displacement of our brothers and sisters.

This Community Café proYusef-1mises to be special, as it features the first ever appearance by Malik Yusef, also known as The Wordsmyth, Chicago’s own Grammy Award-winning spoken word artist, poet, musician, film producer and actor.  “As a spoken word artist, poetry allowed Yusef the aesthetic freedom to comment on a wide breadth of personal and social issues while his lyrics remained commensurate with a global vision: to encourage the benevolence in all people.”

Community Café: MIGRATIONS
Featuring: Malik Yusef, Black Monks of Mississippi, FEW Collective and more
When: Saturday, April 19, 2012, 6 PM, All Ages
Suggested Donation: $5
Where: Parkway Ballroom, 4455 S King Dr, Chicago, IL 60653

Muslim Run Selected A City Of Chicago Partner

IMAN and leaders of the Muslim Run campaign got the good news recently: IMAN has been selected as a delegate agency and partner of the City of Chicago through a Healthy Corner Store pilot project.  The City Ordinance approving this partnership passed through two City Council committees earlier in the month.  With this new partnership formed, we look to expand our efforts city-wide and strengthen relationships with store owners.  We will also be able to introduce our partner stores to City resources that can be beneficial for them in the long run, as they create and run on alternative and holistic business models. In gearing up for the upcoming summer with our corner store initiative, IMAN will be looking to engage more volunteers and leaders to help us get closer to the ideal corner stores we would like to see in urban neighborhoods.

Muslim_Run-1The Muslim Run Campaign developed as a visionary call to address the long history of harmful and unjust business practices, escalating racial and ethnic tensions, and unhealthy food options at corner stores throughout the inner-city. Since 2007, it has evolved into a campaign that focuses on four critical points: developing an alternative business model for Muslim-run businesses on Chicago’s South Side, using policy to promote lasting change in the food justice arena, launching an education campaign that stresses the benefits of leading healthier lifestyles and healing racial tensions between Muslim store owners and their patrons.  As this campaign has gathered momentum in the past the three years, IMAN has created a set of principles-the 10-point Statement of Intent-that we want the corner stores to base their business practices on.

To get involved in the Muslim Run campaign, you can contact Shamar Hemphill (Youth & Organizing Director), or Farhana Arif (Organizing Fellow)

Health Clinic Now Open All Week

The expansion of IMAN Health Clinic continues. The Clinic is now open Monday through Friday 9 AM–5 PM, in addition to our original hours of Sunday, 10 AM–2 PM. This is a remarkable development in several ways. First, we are continuing to increase access to our community that is in the middle of a medically underserved area. Second, we have moved into uncharted territory with our Clinic being open 5 1/2 days a week. Third, this represents the largest expansion of the Clinic at one time, increasing from six half-days a week to 11 half-days a week.

Clinic-1This move is the culmination of a great deal of planning and deployment of resources and moves us further along our path toward a fully holistic and fulltime health center. IMAN’s Health Clinic began in response to the lack of access to healthcare on the South Side of Chicago, as a grassroots clinic providing health screenings two days a week.  Over the last five years, IMAN’s Clinic has transitioned from a basic, grassroots clinic into a comprehensive health center that operates six days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

As always, we will continue our best efforts to maintain the highest quality of care and standards of efficiency, and the commitment to a welcoming and culturally sensitive environment, on behalf of everybody involved with the Clinic. As we continue our journey, we will always need support and input from the communities that we serve and that support us. If anyone has any interest in health care and wishes to join our efforts, please contact us.