2015 Ramadan Drive Exceeds Goal

Ramadan Reflect 2015 lqOnce again, IMAN extends its deepest thanks to all of our supporters. Individuals and families alike came together in so many different capacities to make this Ramadan a truly unforgettable one. The immense generosity demonstrated by donors helped us not only reach but exceed our 2015 Ramadan Drive goal.

Their gifts, whether $5 or $5,000, all represent the sacred trust we have accepted to do grassroots work in the inner city, to change, serve and inspire. The success of the 2015 Ramadan Drive is a profound reminder of the genuine hope people across the country have for this work, and the spiritual investment they are making .

2015 Ramadan Community IftarThroughout the month, our entire staff and many leaders were immersed in campaigns, programs and services addressing our core mission. Our financial supporters helped us meet and exceed our goal without having to take time away from those efforts and for that we are so profoundly grateful.

We are committed to working towards excellence in all we do and continue to pray that the Most High make us worthy of your support and prayers.

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