Annual UCCRO Convention: Focus on Legislative Initiatives

IMAN staff and leaders recently participated in United Congress of Community and Religious Organization’s (UCCRO) annual convention at Madero Middle School. At this year’s convention, we focused on learning about and voting on the three issues that UCCRO will be focusing on during the Veto Session in mid-November and early December. These three policy priorities align with IMAN’s longtime commitment to working on issues of criminal justice, education, and youth.

The first piece of legislation, Prisoner Redistricting (HB 92), would require state and local governments to use census figures adjusted to reflect pre-incarceration addresses of Illinois’ state and federal prisoners in creating election districts and redistricting starting in 2020. The second piece, Local School Council Empowerment (HB5328), would strengthen the role of Local School Councils by giving them the necessary tools and governance to transform our most challenging schools. Finally, Fixing School Discipline (SB 3004/HB 4655), would limit the use of out-of-school suspensions, expulsion, and school-based arrests.

IMAN and other UCCRO member organizations will be mobilizing down to Springfield during Veto Session to meet with key legislators and encourage them to support these issues that directly impact our communities. If you are interested in learning more about IMAN’s policy agenda, or in joining us in Springfield, please contact IMAN organizers, Shamar ( or Sara (

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