2018 IMAN Artist Roster

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The IMAN Artist Roster seeks to build community and collaborative, mutually-beneficial relationships with artists aligned with our Art & Culture philosophy to support community-engaged art guided by a philosophy of being spiritually rooted, spatially relevant and socially conscious. In addition to artistic opportunities, the Roster features artists who engage with IMAN’s work through interdisciplinary programming and opportunities with our Community Organizing, Green ReEntry and Health & Wellness departments.

Roster Artists receive:

Promotional Support

  • Public Profile on the IMAN Artist Roster Page.
  • Opportunities for event announcements through IMAN social media platforms.
  • Booking Referrals.

Community & Engagement

  • Access to IMAN’s Artist Exchange and Peer-Mentoring Programs. Roster Artists are eligible to receive a modest stipend to support opportunities to connect and collaborate with fellow Roster Artists.
  • Priority invitation to attend the IMAN Artist Retreat.

Artistic Opportunities

  • Eligibility to apply for Sacred Cypher Creatives.
  • Priority consideration to be featured in IMAN’s Arts & Culture events, residencies and community-engaged programming.

Roster Artists engage IMAN through:

Quarterly Virtual Sessions

  • Provide feedback and collaborative brainstorming to support the growth and improvement of IMAN Arts & Culture initiatives and programs.
  • Introductory training in IMAN’s module of arts-centered community organizing and healing curriculum.


  • A voluntary act of artistic engagement in support of an IMAN initiative or program at least once every 2 years.

Promotional Support

  • Publicly identifying as an IMAN-aligned Artist on their artist websites and event bios.
  • Promotion and referral of IMAN’s programs and events via their social media as well as professional and community networks.
  • Note: The application does not allow you to save your responses and then return to complete the form at a later date or time. We recommend that after reading the application, you complete your application answers in a separate document and then return to the copy/paste them into the form when you are ready to submit.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for applying to the IMAN Artist Roster and 2018 Sacred Cypher Creatives.
  • Return to the main IMAN Artist Roster page to see important dates and deadlines for submitting your application.

Before You Apply

How To Apply – Applications are now closed.

The 2018 Applications for IMAN’s Artist Roster and Sacred Cypher Creatives are now closed. If you have any questions regarding the deadline, your application and/or any technical difficulties experienced during your application process, please feel free to contact us at arts@imancentral.org. We are happy to help.

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