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Arts Across IMAN

IMAN believes cultivating artistic expression across our programming is crucial to the holistic success of our communities.

Community Organizing

IMAN’s Community Organizing framework seeks to build power by strengthening relationships based on trust and getting to know each other’s stories, cultural contexts, dreams, and desires. Given that artists have a very similar purpose and skill of connecting people through sharing stories, relating emotions, and translating life experiences into lessons, they play a powerful role in catalyzing our community organizing efforts.

From the food justice campaign to criminal justice reform, artists have played a role holding space for multicultural and intergenerational communities, inspiring leaders to think outside the box, and effectively convey the impact of an issue.

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Green ReEntry

Artists play a role in the holistic engagement of Green ReEntry participants through exploring various types of artistic expression, cultivating talent, and finding healing and understanding of common experiences.

Health Center

Medical professionals from IMAN’s Federally Qualified Health Center including physicians and behavioral health therapists often work alongside artists to hold community healing circles, to inspire people towards a healthier lifestyle, and facilitate a dignified experience at our state-of-the-art facility.

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Fresh Market

The Fresh Market Co-Op, part of the larger Go Green on Racine project, will feature a multimedia community-engaged outdoor mural as well as a gallery of wall art that will rotate local artists on an annual basis. The visual art is not solely aesthetic or transactional, but also functional or transformational, in that it communicates a sense of healing and enforces that we are on our way to greater triumphs. The success of this mural and rotating exhibit will be demonstrated by the gallery’s ability to inspire people to radically reimagine their relationship with food, their communities, and their own power.


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