IMAN Roster Artist Maimouna Youssef on Tour with Common

We are excited to announce IMAN Roster Artist Maimouna Youssef’s summer tour in collaboration with IMAN and Pillars Fund. She will be joining hip-hop legend Common for several shows on his “Let Love” tour, as he premieres his book called “Let Love Have The Last Word”. This multi-city tour deepens IMAN’s Arts & Culture work by lifting up the voices of other spiritually rooted, socially conscious, and spatially relevant artists on the current Roster, uniting disconnected people and facilitating transformative collective healing in order to radically reimagine the world around us.

Maimouna Youssef, also known as “MuMu Fresh” is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, activist and acclaimed hip-hop artist who was featured on NPR’s “Tiny Desk Concert” performance series, has been called a “quadruple threat” by The Roots’ Black Thought, and “groundbreaking” by Oscar and Grammy-winning artist Common.

Maimouna is a Baltimore native of Choctaw, African American, and Muslim heritage who was born into a family of exceptional artists deeply rooted in spirituality and activism. She began singing traditional indigenous and African songs at four years old and began her music career at 16 years old. Her deep history with IMAN traces back over a decade to multiple performances at Takin’ It to the Streets, CommUNITY Café, and Artist Retreats, as well as high-level consultations with our Arts & Culture team. She has captivated audiences with what has been described as a “unique” and spiritual” experience and we are excited by the ways that this tour and partnership will continue to celebrate Maimouna’s deep connections to Native and Muslim traditions and identity alongside her longstanding commitment to IMAN’s work and vision.

This summer she is also gearing up to release a much-anticipated album called “Chasing Goosebumps II: The Healing” produced by world-renowned DJ Jazzy Jeff and artists from The Playlist Collective. Maimouna will share this music during the upcoming tour, spreading the message of healing, resilience and empowerment.

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Weekly Classes Enliven IMAN’s Ceramic Studio

During the spring months, IMAN hosted weekly classes helping visitors of all ages to hone their creative expression inside the Beloved Community Ceramics Studio. Led by newly hired Ceramic Studio Coordinator Ariya Siddiqui, the classes encourage mutual connection and mindfulness. Students are asked to put away their phones, ground themselves in the space, and engage their classmates by learning more of their stories. “Not only is art healing, when we create art, things buried deep within us manifest to express something essential and beautiful,” said Siddiqui. By infusing IMAN’s relational ethos into the ceramics curriculum, participants are able to become more comfortable expressing the highs, lows, challenges and successes informing their art.

IMAN ensures that its arts programming is socially conscious in an accessible, relevant way for community members. This spring’s ceramics classes have integrated a wide range of students’ interests: from indigenous rights struggles to familial bonds, and from love of jazz to favorite foods. Participants in the studio are encouraged to holistically engage with each other, and also with their projects.

Classes are offered seasonally at the Beloved Community Ceramic Studio, and the Summer Session will begin Monday, July 29. There is a small tuition charged for classes, but limited scholarships are available. Stay connected to all the latest IMAN Arts & Culture updates by following us on social media @imancentral and with the hashtag #IMANArts. Interested ceramics students may learn more about upcoming classes and register by contacting

IMAN Reaches 2019 Ramadan Fundraising Goal

The “One Link, One Chain” mantra, coined by IMAN’s Green ReEntry cohorts in both Chicago and Atlanta, has come to define our continued efforts to unite hearts and help positively transform communities. During Ramadan, we embarked on the “One Link, One Chain” Fundraising Drive to deepen our model for inner-city health, wellness and healing across the country. Thanks to The Most High, and to your extraordinary generosity, we were able to meet and exceed our $1 million fundraising goal!

Reaching that landmark will enable us to expand access to holistic health care services for visitors to our Community Health Center, engage even more communities with spiritually rooted and socially conscious artistic expression, and strengthen the organizing campaigns addressing critical issues of criminal justice reform and food justice. With your support, our Green ReEntry program is better positioned to flourish–training and equipping dozens of new cohort members for success, including the first-ever women’s cohort.

The blessings of Ramadan were felt through many inspiring and spiritually rejuvenating events. In Atlanta, staff and organizers hosted neighbors and partner organizations for a public iftar, in addition to constructing a community garden with Roswell Community Masjid. Both Green ReEntry cohorts gathered in Atlanta for an iftar and a two-day summit, which demonstrated the transformative power of the “One Link, One Chain” ethos. In Chicago, hundreds of people attended the annual Community Iftar, weekly Ramadan Reflections, and various ‘Refresh the Hood’ events.

IMAN again thanks its supporters for their sincere generosity, inside and outside of Ramadan. Please follow us on social media @imancentral and @imanatlanta, and continue to keep our work in your prayers.

Cohorts Gather in ATL for Green ReEntry Summit

During Memorial Day weekend, IMAN brought 70+ young men from six different Chicago organizations to Atlanta for a transformative and healing Green ReEntry Summit. The summit was largely made possible through the sponsorship of Chicago CRED, one of our closest community partners. Last Memorial Day weekend, Chicago saw a devastating 39 people shot, with seven ending in fatalities. In an effort to proactively minimize their exposure to such violence, these men were given the opportunity to travel for the weekend and temporarily escape the perils of Chicago summers.

Each of these six groups were brought to IMAN Atlanta’s newest development site, a 10-unit apartment building, currently in its final phases of renovation. The guests from Chicago received a full tour of the facility, and an overview of the project’s vision and its projected community impact. They were also immersed into the typical daily routine of IMAN Atlanta’s Green ReEntry cohort. They participated in Tai Chi, stretches, drills, and shared personal “Words of Wisdom”–an exercise through which both cities’ cohorts could exchange reflections and realize commonalities between themselves.

During the opening session– resembling a reunion of long-lost brothers– the cohorts from Chicago and Atlanta bonded over their shared struggles through the process of transformation and empowerment. The groups then spent the evening breaking bread together at an interfaith ‘BBQ Iftar’* for Atlanta community members. It was only fitting that such an impactful day concluded with an evening of Southern comfort food and uplifting artistic expression performed by cohort members themselves.

This summit, the first of its kind, provided a safe and restorative space for 70 men during a notoriously violent weekend. Continuing this tradition of a yearly summit has great potential to save lives, prevent men from becoming “another statistic”, and deepening a brotherhood.

*An ‘iftar’ is the meal which concludes the daily fasts for Muslims observing the holy month of Ramadan.