Police Accountability Community Discussion Schedule

We urge you to attend these discussions, show the aldermen in attendance your support for the GAPA ordinance, and reject the ineffective ordinances introduced by the city!

Tues, May 15 – Corliss High School, 6:30pm-8pm
Sat, May 19 – Back of the Yards High School, 11:30am-1pm
Tues, May 29 – George Westinghouse College Prep, 6:30pm-8pm
Thurs, May 30 – Wilbur Wright College, 6:30pm-8pm
Tues, June 5 – Amundsen High School, 6:30pm-8pm

Please let us know which of the discussions you plan to attend. Contact Organizer Nasir Blackwell, nasir@imancentral.org for more information.

Path to Restoration Bill Pushes Ahead

On April 11, dozens of IMAN leaders and Green ReEntry brothers traveled to Springfield in a demonstration of solidarity and advocacy for issues that are impacting our communities.

The group joined hundreds at the State Capitol for 2018 Illinois Muslim Action Day, organized by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC), to meet with legislators and discuss the Path to Restoration Bill (SB 3489), among other policies and Illinois legislation.

Organizing leaders and Green ReEntry brothers talked with state senators while advocating for criminal justice reform including the Path to Restoration Bill, which proposes several amendments promoting transparency within the Illinois registry system tracking individuals convicted of violent crimes against minors. The bill passed out of the Criminal Law Committee 7-2 on April 10th, the evening before the Action Day.

The momentum from the passage of the bill continued through negotiations with the State’s Attorney’s office, whose full support was needed in order to help move the bill along. After gaining the much needed support of the State’s Attorney’s Office and the Department of State Police, Staff Attorney Aaron Siebert-Llera returned to Springfield to testify again in front of the Criminal Law Committee where SB 3489 passed out of the committee 9-0. The bill has since passed out of the Illinois Senate 50-0 and moved to the House during the last week of April.

State Representative Will Guzzardi (D-Chicago), who is the primary House Sponsor, completed the first reading and the bill has been assigned to the Rules Committee. The Path to Restoration now must make it out of committee and through two additional readings before being voted on by the full House. The hard work of our organizers and leaders coming to the table has produced satisfactory amendments, making SB 3489 a viable bill and one that has the support of Democrats and Republicans. Passage of the Path to Restoration bill is one of the first steps in our long range vision of broader criminal justice reform and an exciting component of our quickly increasing legal work here at IMAN.

Support the Path to Restoration Bill


Amending the Illinois Murderer and Violence Against Youth Registration Act
“Path To Restoration” Bill — SB 3489

Bill Sponsors: Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-39th) and Rep. Robyn Gabel (D-18th)

#FightFearBuildPower — SB 3489 passed out of the IL Senate by a unanimous 50-0 margin, and is now moving through the state House of Representatives!

The “Path to Restoration” Bill proposes a set of amendments to Illinois’ registry tracking individuals convicted of certain violent crimes. SB 3489 will create a fairer, more transparent system, allowing individuals to amend incorrect information and appeal their inclusion in the database. This is an opportunity to reconcile returning citizens with victims and their families and to help restore the dignity stripped from so many in this process.

Two actions you can take to continue urging state legislators to support Illinois citizens traversing the Path to Restoration:

Fill out a witness slip:

1. Click here

2. Fill out the form with your information.

3. Position: choose “proponent”

4. Testimony: choose “record of appearance only”

5. To submit the created slip, click the button “create slip”

If you are interested in advocating for criminal justice reform in Springfield or participating in community conversations with other leaders, legislators, residents and others directly impacted by violent crimes, contact Senior Organizer Shamar Hemphill, shamar@imancentral.org

IMAN Awarded 2018 Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Grant

We are honored and excited to receive a 2018 Neighborhood Opportunities Fund grant. IMAN has been dedicated to organizing corner stores for nearly a decade, helping to build a culture of health and increase food access on Chicago’s South and West Sides. Our Corner Store Campaign currently engages a network of 42 stores–with 10 of those stores located in Englewood–and this award helps to augment our work in that community.

Since its inception, our Corner Store Campaign has been comprised of leaders—themselves confronted with persistent issues of inequity and undesirable health outcomes—who call Englewood, Chicago Lawn and other communities home. The 63rd & Racine Healthy Marketplace project prioritizes their voices, and those of our partners in Englewood.

IMAN is inspired by and deeply rooted in local movements that have historically pushed for Black-owned and Black-led businesses. At the same time, our corner store work is committed to healing racial tensions, particularly between Black and Arab communities. The 63rd & Racine Healthy Marketplace embodies these traditions by demonstrating the viability of a grassroots business collaboration between these two communities.

Partnering with the City of Chicago on this project is not contingent on our support for any particular initiative. Like many of our partners and resident leaders in Englewood, we remain deeply troubled by recent policy announcements. IMAN will continue to stand alongside those most directly affected by decisions and strategies that are not in the best interest of the community.

We will also continue to partner with those working in the city, county, and state on projects that will support the establishment of more thriving and dynamic communities. We are grateful for this support, and will continue to raise private funds to cover the larger costs of the Corner Store Campaign’s vision.