Ceramic Studio Coordinator

About the Beloved Community Ceramic Studio:
As the construction site of the MLK Living Memorial, the Beloved Community Ceramic Studio carries Dr. King’s vision for a beloved community by being an artistic space for neighbors to create, build, and heal together.

Position Overview:
Along with IMAN’s Arts & Culture team, and with support from Organizing and Behavioral Health staff, the Ceramic Studio Coordinator will have the unique opportunity to help lead the first neighborhood ceramic studio on the South Side of Chicago. Our vision for the Beloved Community Ceramic Studio is that–through a distinct arts-centered community organizing and healing framework– it will allow local artists and community members to craft one-of-a-kind ceramics as a means of creative expression and deep exploration of themes, while building relationships and fueling entrepreneurship.

The Ceramic Studio Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the administration of the studio, coordinating classes and workshops, training and maintaining a pool of instructors and interns, and supporting class instruction when needed. The Ceramic Studio Coordinator will work closely with our Arts & Culture, Organizing, and Behavioral Health departments, as well as hired contractors, to develop and maintain a consistent pedagogy across programming. Administrative responsibilities include, but are not limited to: inventory and organization of supplies, cleanliness and safety of studio, programming and publication materials, recruitment in concert with the community and local schools, and orienting and supervising members and volunteers. The Coordinator is also responsible for collaborating with instructors to plan and teach classes for all ages and abilities. The Coordinator will hire interns to support maintenance of the studio. The position requires demonstrated abilities to work effectively with a wide variety of people, excellent time management skills, communication skills, and knowledge of and interest in ceramic and community arts.

All Arts & Culture staff are expected to support the department and organization as a whole for large events and other demanding times. All staff are expected to complete IMAN’s Community Organizing Training.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Ensure safe and sensible flow of studio, making sure to maintain inventory, organization, and cleanliness.
  • Develop arts-centered organizing and healing curriculum and demonstrate all programs and classes operate under said curriculum.
  • Recruit instructors to teach classes for people of all ages and abilities, and lead occasional community projects such as murals; Coordinator will occasionally teach.
  • Create and track systems and/or paperwork and documentation needed to support growth of the studio.
  • Document classes via sign-in sheets, anecdotes, photos and videos.
  • Work with the Arts & Culture Manager to develop community arts programming in accordance to the long-term strategic plans of the organization. Make recommendations for advancement and growth of said program.
  • Provide support for artists of all levels that hold open-studio memberships.
  • Develop relationship with schools for recruitment and to bridge for-credit classes that meet educational standards and that are bound by MOUs.
  • Support entrepreneurship of local artists by coordinating workshops and secure selling opportunities that are bound by MOUs of ceramic goods made in the studio.
  • Maintain and promote a positive professional working relationship rooted in IMAN’s mission with the community, all employees, leaders, volunteers, students, and members.
  • Build relationships with community members, schools, institutions and citywide art centers.
  • Attend and participate meetings, committees and trainings as assigned including but not limited to staff meetings, IMAN’s Community Organizing training and development tours and events.
  • Develop system for engaging and utilizing volunteers and interns.
  • Participate in and prepare studio for tours, special events and special group sessions and the coordination of ceramic goods for special events.


  • Minimum three years experience in ceramic arts.
  • Experience managing a ceramics studio, community arts program, or arts classrooms required.
  • At least one year experience teaching in low-income and diverse neighborhoods required.
  • Exposure to community organizing preferred. Exposure to healing within the arts preferred.
  • At least one year experience selling artisan goods preferred.
  • Bachelor’s in Fine Art- Ceramics, Art Therapy, Community Arts, Art Education, or related field preferred, but not required.
  • Experience with diverse communities, and fluency in Spanish/English preferred.
  • Maintenance and repair of kilns, wheels, pug mills, etc. preferred.
  • Ability to work with and learn from diverse ethnic and faith communities and individual personalities.
  • Detail oriented with strong time management skills.
  • Effective problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Must be able to lift and move up to 50 lbs.

To Apply:

This is a part time, non-exempt position starting with 20 hours a week including flexible hours.
Submit you resume, cover letter and 5 quality images of your work with ‘Ceramic Studio Coordinator’ in the subject line to jobs@imancentral.org

Position begins in September 2018.