IMAN Arts & Culture supports the creation, collaboration and presentation of community-engaged art.

Dynamic presentation and expression of the arts have been integral to IMAN’s work of organizing for social change and fostering health and wellness in the inner city since our inception.

Presenting Arts

CommUNITY Café

  • CommUNITY Café is an artistic experience designed to connect, inspire and organize diverse communities to action. Each CommUNITY event opens with a “Café Hour” where audiences are invited to engage IMAN’s ongoing community wellness work, to network and support local businesses, and to share food, conversation and connection.

Takin’ It to the Streets

  • Takin’ It to the Streets is an international festival where artistic expression, spirituality and urban creativity inspire communities to radically re-imagine “the world as it could be”.

Youth-Led Arts

Fresh Expressions

  • A creative space for youth leaders to share artistic expression, engage critical social issues and participate in communal healing.

Food Justice Challenge

  • Local High School students use visual art and spoken word to engage IMAN’s Food Ecosystem campaign.

Creative Placemaking

Refresh the Hood

  • During our special Ramadan organizing event series, IMAN artists take their creativity to local corner stores to engage residents around health and wellness.

Fresh Beats & Eats Farmers Market

  • From main stage performances to arts-and-crafts workshops, IMAN opens up space for a multicultural, intergenerational collection of artists to share their talents.