Clinic (Medical Provider) Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Primary Care and Specialty Providers (MD, DO, NP, PA):

Volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants are integral to our mission to provide quality primary care and a variety of specialty services to IMAN Health Clinic patients. Volunteer providers are needed in the areas of primary care as well as over 24 specialties. There is particular need for Dermatology, ENT, Endocrinology, Podiatry and Rheumatology. Providers must be currently licensed and board certified.

Volunteer Nurses (RN):

Volunteering as a nurse at IMAN Health Clinic, is a unique opportunity where nursing skills and critical thinking abilities will be utilized in providing one-on-one patient care and education. Volunteering as a nurse will involve seeing their own patients for medication refills and blood pressure checks independently, patient health education, medication management and instruction.  Volunteer Nurses must have one year of professional nursing experience and be actively licensed.

Physician Assistant:

Physician Assistants who have graduated from an accredited PA school and have successfully passed the PANCE exam are eligible.

Triage Volunteer:
Triage volunteers are responsible for taking patient vitals (temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, BMI, blood pressure, height, weight and, for diabetics, blood glucose levels) and recording chief complaints. Triage volunteers are required to have had some nursing background and demonstrate that they can record triage information accurately with little supervision.

Please email adiba@imancentral.org if you are interested.