Clinic (Non-Medical Provider) Volunteer Opportunities

Clinic and support volunteers are important to our success in providing quality healthcare to our patients. The following opportunities do not require any previous medical training or experience. All clinic volunteers are asked to make a time commitment of two 4-hour shifts per week, for one year (unless otherwise noted). Scheduling for all volunteer opportunities is flexible. We do require a minimum of 90 days commitment with regular and timely attendance once/week.

Administration Positions:
1. Administrative Clerical Support – Assist with typing, data entry, filing, mailings, medical records maintenance, patient reminder phone calls, scheduling, and assisting the various departmental coordinators.
2. Client Service Representative – Direct incoming calls, schedule and cancel appointments; handle patient satisfaction and quality control efforts; assist clients in an efficient, respectful, and confidential manner.  Accurate data entry required.  Required to coordinate referrals for patients and tracking referrals.

Front Desk / Intake Volunteer:
Front desk volunteers are responsible for assisting with a variety of administrative tasks at the health center’s front desk. Tasks include filing, making patient phone calls, providing customer service to patients and assisting staff. This is a great opportunity for direct patient interaction in a busy part of the Clinic.

Interpreters – Arabic and Spanish:
Because a large portion of the population we serve speaks either Arabic or Spanish we are continually looking for interpreters to assist with communication with our patients in medical settings. Interpreters must be fluent and complete the Interpreter Training.

Lab Volunteer:
Lab volunteers are trained to perform a variety of venipuncture techniques and collecting blood and urine specimens from patients. Lab volunteers are required to have completed relevant coursework prior to coming to clinic. Certified phlebotomist preferred

Triage Volunteer:
Triage volunteers are responsible for taking patient vitals (temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, BMI, blood pressure, height, weight and, for diabetics, blood glucose levels) and recording chief complaints. Triage volunteers are required to have had some nursing background and demonstrate that they can record triage information accurately with little supervision.

Please email adiba@imancentral.org if you are interested.