IMAN’s Food Justice Challenge (FJC) is an art contest for high school aged youth that are creative and question the world around them. There are two tracks in this contest — 1) visual arts or 2) music/poetry –and participants can submit up to one piece in either or both tracks. There are no restrictions or requirements on either track, allowing you to expand your creativity to 2D, 3D, mixed media, or other medium and techniques for visual arts; or record a song or write a poem for poetry/rap. Just fill out the form below and upload a photo of your visual arts piece along with a description OR lyrics to your song or poem along with an MP3 of your song or recorded poem. If you submit a visual arts piece, email arts@imancentral.org to coordinate a pickup at your school or drop off at IMAN located at 2744 W. 63rd St.

The FJC is an opportunity for youth to explore issues impacting their community through the lens of food justice. Use the following questions as prompts to create your art pieces: What does “good food” mean to you? What do the food options in your neighborhood look like? Is food a basic human right? The Food Justice Challenge is a part of the Healthy Corner Store Campaign. For more information about this campaign, please visit https://www.imancentral.org/organizing-advocacy/corner-store-campaign/

All pieces have to be submitted by March 30th 11:59 PM, and will be judged by a panel of artists and community leaders from throughout the Chicagoland area. Criteria include Artistic Merit, Message, and Creativity. Awards will be granted at IMAN’s CommUNITY Café on April 7th. CommUNITY Café is an all-ages concert that weaves in social justice and community themes. The first place award for the visual arts track is a DSLR camera, and a professional beat pad for the music/poetry track. Awards for runners-up of both tracks include Beats by Dre headphones and gift cards! More information about CommUNITY Café is forthcoming, and you can email arts@imancentral.org for urgent questions.

For general information about the contest, to coordinate a pickup for visual arts pieces, or to schedule an artist-led workshop in your classroom please email arts@imancentral.org!