From Ideology to Practice

My week, Monday through Friday consists of being at work, in class, doing homework, or trying to catch up on much needed sleep and rest. In between all of that, I manage time as a Community Ambassador. The past few weeks working with IMAN have been inspiring, motivating, and helped keep me sane throughout the week in a world of fast food and plastic. From doing research on the side on Food Deserts to holding random phone conversations in between class to find out whether or not IMAN’s recycling actually gets picked up (which thank God, it does!), I’m constantly in a position of learning and moving forward. Prior to becoming a Community Ambassador under the Health and Wellness Track, I had no idea what “Muslim Run” was even about. Slowly as the weeks have passed, I’ve begun to realize the depth behind the campaign and the impact it can have on our surrounding communities. I was always pretty passionate about being healthy and recycling yet, working with other Ambassadors has really shown me how much we really need “health” and “wellness”. Visiting the IMAN Health Clinic was one of my major highlights. I had never been before and for the first time I realized what was actually happening behind the closed door of the IMAN office. It’s one thing to know something as an ideology, but another to actually put it into practice. Much of the ideals that I am learning, I have already known. Yet, slowly, they are becoming more of a reality for me. Right now, much of my time is focused on our April 16th event, “Healthy Eats and Conscious Beats” which I am super excited about. Going green, being healthy, promoting health and achieving health is an ongoing process. I realize that everyday. Through my work with IMAN, I am able to put everything I know into practice and actually do something about the things I am most passionate. I look forward to the coming weeks, working with my team, and accomplishing all of our goals!

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