Green ReEntry Village

On September 19, 2019, IMAN Atlanta hosted a special ribbon cutting ceremony on a new apartment complex named “The Green ReEntry Village” on the West Side of Atlanta. The Green ReEntry Village offers a safe and affordable transitional housing option for returning citizens, high-risk youth and community members aligned with the idea that “it takes a village”. IMAN’s housing initiative serves as a grassroots community development model focused on revitalizing neighborhoods from within.

Three years ago, IMAN launched the Green ReEntry training and housing program in the Atlanta area. This year, IMAN has expanded its housing vision with the purchase and total rehab of a 10-unit apartment building located at 2139 MLK Dr., Atlanta, GA 30311, a street named after a champion of housing rights, the honorable Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. King. Dr. King’s vision for a beloved community married to justice, fair housing and absolute love for the human family is not only an inspiration to the organization but is embedded in IMAN’s work, continuing his legacy.

For more information contact IMAN Atlanta Director, Mansoor Sabree,