Guess What? More IMAN Youth Programming

Fresh Expressions, Digital Media Masters, Pillars of IMAN, After School Lab and Tutoring, Friday Night Movies with CeaseFire, and of course Takin’ It to the Streets. These are some of the youth programs we have planned for this year. Since IMAN’s inception, youth mentorship and leadership development has always been at the core of our work. From organizing around key issues like food justice, youth employment and public safety to skill building programs, spiritual nourishment and rites of passage, and creative arts, IMAN believes in creating safe, empowering, spiritually nurturing, and fun spaces to help grow and develop young people into community leaders. We want to help empower youth enabling them to foster relationships outside of both school and home, and learn skills that will help them impact social justice issues that affect young people across Chicago and the nation. Now is the time to connect with IMAN by being part of our youth programs.

View the IMAN Youth Programming brochure for details on all these programs.

There is still time and space for you to become a mentor: Join to become a part of growing IMAN’s Youth Programming.  For information on that and other other programming, contact Youth Director/Organizer Shamar Hemphill at

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