Habib Hears A Food Justice Story

Once upon a time, there was a city named Chicago.  In Chicago there was many food deserts.  A food desert is a place without many supermarkets.

One day a boy named Habib went to learn about it.  At the meeting they talked about food justice.  He learned there are many corner stores but not a lot of supermarkets.  He learned about how there is a network of corner stores and how you can help.  Some questions he thought were, “What role do corner stores play in the black communities?”Habib

One person named Dr. Rami talked at the meeting.  Dr. Rami said 10s of 1000s of residents rely on corner stores.  He said we envision working with stores and policy change.  He said we worked with hip-hop singers.  He taught Habib a lot.

Habib saw a music video.  It was called “liquor store.”  People who talked about the “liquor store” were asked questions.  They had long answers.  Habib got bored and played on the phone.  He almost got a high score on torpedo.

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