IMAN Artist Leaders Go To APAP Showcase

With the support of the Chicago Community Trust, on January 10, 2015 Inner-City Muslim Action Network’s Arts & Culture Department hosted the first official Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) showcase featuring a collective of Chicago-based indie artists, Muslim and Non-Muslim alike.

As our final initiative for the 2014 Artist Leadership Program, we were charged with providing a platform for a diverse group of Chicago-based, Muslim and non-Muslim, artists to share their talent, build connections and enhance their practice. Over its longer than 27-year history, APAP had never had an independent artists showcase as part of their official showcase schedule, nor had it featured this many contemporary Muslim artists.

We thank APAP and all the attendees, crew members, volunteers, production manager Kate Pritchard, IMAN’s youth leaders, Rhymefest, Donnie Smith of Donda’s House Inc., visual artist Sam Kirk (for sharing his vision with us), the Hilton staff, and all those who helped make this historic event happen. Stay tuned for more information and announcements regarding the 2015 Artist Leadership Program!

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