IMAN ED Named Chicago Champion of Freedom

Amid applause from elected officials, long-time community organizers and fellow IMAN staff, Rami Nashashibi was honored as a City of Chicago Champion of Freedom during the Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Interfaith Breakfast. His remarks connected King’s legacy to current police and criminal justice reform efforts, and encouraged organizers and officials alike to embrace the Department of Justice report released that same day as a catalyst for real change.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel thanked Rami for serving as “an ambassador shepherding change”, and praised IMAN’s model of promoting health, wellness and healing in inner-city communities. The breakfast—hosted by the Office of the Mayor—was attended by leaders in various spheres of religious, civic and business life who represented a diverse array of backgrounds and faith traditions.

Longtime Board Co-Chair Clyde El-Amin commented, “The fact that IMAN continues to receive broad-based recognition like this, particularly in these uncertain times, is a testament to how resonant the healing power of our tradition can be.” Only a few days later, IMAN was back to the grind: hosting an annual community luncheon of its own, and coordinating the inspiring Fighting Fear/Building Power two-city event.

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