IMAN Honors Malcolm X 50 Years After Assassination

This month, IMAN kicked off its 2015 Fresh Expressions series with ‘Legacy X’. February 21st marked the 50th year since the assassination of Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz). To honor his legacy and continue to engage with Malcolm’s principles of self-efficacy, human equality and dignity, IMAN hosted several local artists known for messages of love and justice. Rappers Ahlei of the Kuumba Lynx collective and Inky each kicked rhymes about struggle and unity, while K-Love’s powerful poetry had the audience calling for (and getting) an encore. In between performances, Green ReEntry leader Rashid Grant reenacted the famous “Ballot or the Bullet” speech. Attendees also enjoyed healthy snacks, drinks and fresh sandwiches, as well as free giveaways like Malcolm X buttons and a mixtape of Malcolm’s speeches.P1000127

Fresh Expressions is a community-led, safe, creative and artistic space that provides a platform for local artists and offers residents of all ages the opportunity to have fun, learn, foster relationships and build power. Join us for the next Fresh Expressions on Thursday, March 26th from 6-8pm at the IMAN Youth & Arts Wellness Center!

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