IMAN Community Organizing Training — Atlanta Edition

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IMAN’s first Organizing Training held in Atlanta is drawing near! For anyone who wants to create positive change in their communities, this is the ideal training. Get inspired by IMAN’s work, deepen your understanding of how IMAN campaigns are organized and begin the journey of applying that to your local community context.

IMAN’s Community Organizing Training curriculum is designed to immerse you in IMAN’s unique organizing model. Our methods are grounded in the prophetic principles of compassion, service and justice, while drawing from traditional organizing concepts and strategies and from deep Islamic spiritual values. IMAN trains individuals on the importance of building power, forging relationships based on shared values, and learning to recognize, identify and mobilize around self-interest.

September 19-20, 2015, Atlanta, GA

If you click "Yes", an IMAN organizer will follow up with you via email to further discuss scholarship opportunities.

Contact IMAN Organizing & Advocacy Director Shamar Hemphill with any questions and for more information.

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