IMAN Supporters: A Unique Community

On behalf of IMAN’s staff, leaders, and board of directors, we want to thank the IMAN community in Chicago and across the country for helping us to meet and exceed our 2014 Ramadan Drive goal! We witnessed an outpouring of prayers and support from hundreds of people this month, from Virginia to California, Naperville to Marquette Park, and we are humbled and grateful for every dollar given and every du’a made. Part of what makes IMAN supporters unique is that they understand not only that they contribute their funds to this organization, but that they serve and are served by IMAN’s work.

They recognize their investment in a model that has the ability to transform both the inner-city communities and themselves. Whether it’s passing out free fruit smoothies in front of Muslim owned corner stores, digging holes for our community garden, teaching local high school students how to use video editing software, planning a family arts festival in the park, or prescribing blood pressure medication to under-insured patients, the people who give to this organization are not only donors but leaders without whom none of this work would be possible.

IMAN-Eid-BannerWe cannot thank you enough for your commitment to this effort. We understand and appreciate, deeply, the fact that your hard-earned dollars and heartfelt prayers could go elsewhere every year, and we do not underestimate the great amana—sacred trust—that your contributions are to us. Our supporters across the globe are the mainstay of this organization and we pray that the Most High continues to bless and protect your families and to make us worthy of your support.

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