IMAN Welcomes Ramadan

We would like to extend another Blessed Ramadan to you all.  For the staff and leadership of IMAN, Ramadan is also a time to renew our commitment to serve, inspire and change inner-city neighborhoods in Chicago and beyond.  We are reminded, more than ever in this month, of the Prophetic compassion that inspires us to be a force for good and a source of inspiration for one another, as we strive to connect with the Most High through all we do.

This year IMAN will be taking our activities and outreach during Ramadan to the next level, and as IMAN begins the year-long process of commemorating 15 years of dedication and work, we will be hosting many activities and events that engage community members and build community in Ramadan’s spirit of renewal and transformation. Please return to our site, twitter account and Facebook page to stay connected with the work and opportunities over the next four weeks.

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