Behavioral Health Manager


The Behavior Health Coordinator oversees and manages all behavioral health aspects at the IMAN Health Clinic. This is a full-time position.

Job Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for implementing, and administering a comprehensive behavioral health program.
  • Develop and administer service program protocols, policies, and procedures for the behavioral health program.
  • Provide project leadership, management, and supervision to ensure direct, comprehensive, integrated, and coordinated services.
  • Provide clinical supervision to behavioral health staff, case managers, and interns.
  • Coordinate flow of services between behavioral health program and other agency programs (e.g., school based programs and community based programs).
  • Serve as primary liaison between agency and other agencies of mental health continuum (e.g., hospitals, community case management, schools, and other social service organizations).
  • Provide direct behavioral health treatment.
  • Conduct psychosocial assessments including review of referral information, identifying and engaging key participants, identifying systemic strengths and weaknesses, and developing an analysis of the fit of problem behaviors within the ecological context.
  • Provide individual, family, and group treatment.
  • Engage community members and other key participants in active change-oriented treatment.
  • Implement treatment planning, intervention implementation, outcome review, and strategy revision procedure using Problem Solving Therapy (PST) and other evidence-based practices.
  • Maintain clear and concise documentation of treatment efforts that promote peer and supervisory review and feedback.
  • Collaborate with all relevant systems and key participants within each system to ensure their buy-in and cooperation throughout counseling treatment.
  • Participate in all agency training, supervision, and consultation activities.

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience in program development and clinical supervision.
  • Direct use of pragmatic (i.e., structural, strategic, and functional) family therapies.
  • Individual therapy with children and adults using cognitive behavioral techniques.
  • Conflict resolution and crisis intervention using behaviorally-based approaches.
  • Behavioral therapy targeting school behavior and academic performance.
  • Implementation of interventions within or between systems in the youth’s natural ecology that affect or influence the behavior of youth (i.e., family, peer, school, and neighborhood).

Preferred Knowledge:

  • Family systems theory and application
  • Social ecological theory and application
  • Behavioral therapies theory and application
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy theory and application
  • Pragmatic family therapies theory and application
  • Child development research and its application in treatment
  • Social skills assessment and intervention
  • Bilingual Language (Spanish/English)

Professional Requirement:

  • LCSW;
  • Ph.D. in Psychology and licensed to practice in the State of Illinois; or
  • Psy.D. and licensed practice in the State of Illinois.


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