Clinic Business Operations Manager


Reporting to and working directly  with the Medical Director of IMAN’s Health Clinic, the Clinic Business Operations Manager (CBOM) will be responsible for building the clinic’s infrastructure and operational capacity in three ways: implementing a third-party billing system, positioning the clinic to meet the guidelines for moving toward a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or FQHC Look-Alike status, and preparing the clinic to apply for accreditation to become a Family Medicine Teaching Health Center.

Primary Responsibilities

Billing System Implementation

•    Ensure that the computer system is up-to-date and consistently meeting the needs and demands of expansion
•    Develop an updated clinic intake procedure to include identification of patients with billable insurance or as eligible on a sliding scale
•    Provide training for staff to bill efficiently and follow up with insurance carriers to ensure reimbursement

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or FQHC Look-Alike Status Preparation

•    Complete community needs assessment
•    Ensure that our clinic provides all required and additional services, is sufficiently staffed, has accessible locations and hours of operation, arranges for after-hours coverage, arranges for hospital admission and continuum of care, develops a sliding-fee discount scale, and maintains a quality improvement/assurance plan.
•    Maintain appropriate management staff
•    Exercise oversight of all contractual and affiliation agreements
•    Maintain appropriate accounting and internal control systems
•    Establish billing and collections systems and procedures
•    Develop an appropriate budget
•    Maintain systems for accurate program data reporting
•    Establish a governing board, with the required composition of patients and community members, with appropriate authority to oversee the operations of the center
•    Recommend appropriate policies and bylaws including a conflict of interest policy

Accreditation Business Plan Development

•    Research the American College of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accreditation process
•    Develop a comprehensive business development plan to increase clinic’s capacity to build resources necessary to apply for accreditation
•    Secure additional sources of funding to pay residency teaching staff, expand building infrastructure, and cover necessary operational supplies
•    Develop selection criteria for residency candidates and submission of educational curriculum
•    Recommend formal method by which a periodic evaluation of the program’s educational quality and compliance with the program requirements will occur.
•    Credential and hire physician staff to teach residents
•    Develop resident grievance committee
•    Establish appropriate criteria for the selection, evaluation, promotion and dismissal of residents in accordance with the Program and Institutional guidelines
•    Draft employment contracts for staff and residents including benefits and conditions of employment

Knowledge and Skill Requirements

•    Bachelors Degree in Health Care Management, Business Administration, or related field required.  MBA preferred.
•    5+ years operational/administrative management experience
•    Experience in health clinic management and fiscal systems
•    Prior experience with FQHCs, ACGME and residency programs
•    Demonstrated experience working in a fast-paced, multifaceted organization
•    Ambition and work ethic to drive an organization with exponential growth
•    Exceptional writing, editing and communication skills
•    Experience managing staff, volunteers, and associated budgets
•    Demonstrated success developing and monitoring systems to manage operational work that involves high levels of collaboration
•    Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities and guiding investment in people and systems
•    Attention to detail and accuracy a must
•    Intimate familiarity with and a proven track record of navigating diverse sectors of the Muslim community
•    Willingness and enthusiasm to be part of a long term organizational building effort

Competitive salary and benefits package will be offered to the successful candidate