IMAN’s Matching Challenge & The Million Dollar Moment

The process of selecting one high-impact non-profit organization across the globe to be a recipient of a one million dollar prize is both an exhilarating and exhausting process. A large team pours over pages and pages of meticulous reviews of many extraordinary organizations before narrowing it down to the three finalists.

As a life-long devoted Catholic, my most memorable and impactful observation of Ramadan will always be the one I had the pleasure to observe last year while visiting IMAN as one of those final three OPUS Prize finalists. Our team was simply blown away by a group of individuals rooted in faith in the Most High and one another as they worked with love, passion and commitment towards being a source of health, wellness and healing in the community.

You probably know that we did in fact decide last year to offer this gift to IMAN and in great part we did so knowing that as significant as one million dollars was it was still only a fraction of the larger amount this organization would need to fulfill its larger and well though-out vision. Our hope and prayer is that our gift would further drive those who believe in the organization to double down on their commitments and investments in this amazing model as it expands in Chicago and Atlanta and as it inspires communities across the country.

It delights me to discover and announce that an anonymous IMAN supporter has once again stepped up to match all donations, dollar for dollar, made from now to the end of Ramadan. Please donate generously and help IMAN reach or exceed the “One Link, One Chain” Ramadan drive goal. We are all connected, and together must remain committed to supporting such incredible work.

Don Neureuther
Opus Prize Foundation

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