My Obligation to Come on This Trip

I felt very obligated to come this trip to Arizona. When you think road-trips, you think fun, jokes and irrelevant time spent… memories that are likely to fade. So when one reflects on their past or memories there is no value in the time that was spent. I love the phrase, “actions speak louder then words”. This trip to Arizona touches on just that, a group of powerful young leaders that want to lead by example. The best thing is that we all come from different immigrant and minority backgrounds, and are able to give a broader perspective on this subject. The 1070 bill doesn’t just effect Mexican Americans, but also all other immigrants that are living in this country. Many immigrants unfortunately don’t see it in this perspective, they would rather brush the subject under the carpet. I felt my presence within these group of leaders was going to speak volumes for the desi community and some of their own tribulations. Another reason I wanted to attend this trip is because of my religious beliefs, and the prophetic mission that my religion tells us to follow. In the Qur’an and prophetic tradition it stresses that prayer and zakat are partnered with each other. Zakat is described as charity, and it can be with money and/or actions. So this act of solidarity is really an act of worship for me. Lastly I think the system is made in such a way that it uses and disposes of individuals. The very grounds of America was built by the blood of immigrants. Japanese were brought over to build a lucrative system called the railroad. Their rewards were American internment camps, go figure. The next was underpaid and undervalued Indians, labeled as an enemy because of outsourcing. Now in recent years the Mexicans and Mexican Americans have done more for our economy than we give credit for. They have taken jobs at and below minimum wage that most in our society wouldn’t even consider to do and are now labeled as these outlandish criminals. Doesn’t America pride itself as the home of the brave and the land of the free?

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