Organizing & Advocacy

IMAN’s organizing and advocacy agenda is driven by leaders who are directly affected by and deeply invested in the issues, and guided by the organization’s deep spiritual convictions around principles of human dignity, social justice and compassion, particularly for marginalized people of color in the inner-city.

Each week, this organizing and arts workshop offers local leaders everything from legal strategies to a vital healing space helping our communities resist and cope with the trauma and challenges of our current moment.

Grassroots Power Hour
Every Tuesday
Dinner – 5:30 pm, Session – 6 pm
2747 W. 63rd Street

IMAN mobilizes communities across the larger Chicagoland area around several issues directly affecting the working poor living in the inner-city, from criminal justice reform to public health.

SB 2282: Removing Invisible Bars Act

In 2016, IMAN organizers and community members led the push to pass a crucial amendment to parole supervision law that eased some restrictions placed upon returning citizens. This piece of legislation—the Removing Invisible Bars Act—now allows returning citizens the right to associate with others on parole, or those who have been previously incarcerated, when attending religious services, visiting a family member, or simply serving their community.

Click here to complete an important anonymous survey measuring community impact of this legislation!

Muslim Run: A Campaign for Health, Wellness & Healing
Policy Updates

Resources Download the Grassroots Human Rights Policy Guide for Racial Equity