Support the Path to Restoration Bill


Amending the Illinois Murderer and Violence Against Youth Registration Act
“Path To Restoration” Bill — SB 3489

Bill Sponsors: Rep. Will Guzzardi (D-39th) and Rep. Robyn Gabel (D-18th)

#FightFearBuildPower — SB 3489 passed out of the IL Senate by a unanimous 50-0 margin, and is now moving through the state House of Representatives!

The “Path to Restoration” Bill proposes a set of amendments to Illinois’ registry tracking individuals convicted of certain violent crimes. SB 3489 will create a fairer, more transparent system, allowing individuals to amend incorrect information and appeal their inclusion in the database. This is an opportunity to reconcile returning citizens with victims and their families and to help restore the dignity stripped from so many in this process.

Two actions you can take to continue urging state legislators to support Illinois citizens traversing the Path to Restoration:

Fill out a witness slip:

1. Click here

2. Fill out the form with your information.

3. Position: choose “proponent”

4. Testimony: choose “record of appearance only”

5. To submit the created slip, click the button “create slip”

If you are interested in advocating for criminal justice reform in Springfield or participating in community conversations with other leaders, legislators, residents and others directly impacted by violent crimes, contact Senior Organizer Shamar Hemphill,

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