Refreshing the ‘Hood during Ramadan

During the month of Ramadan, IMAN’s staff and leaders are not only in a heightened state of reflection and fasting, but they are also very busy with our Muslim Run Campaign for Health, Wellness and Healing.  Every Ramadan, IMAN uses “Refresh the ‘Hood” as a campaign strategy to (1) engage residents around healthy living, (2) provide neighborhood corner stores with fresh organic produce, (3) heal the tensions between store owners and community residents, and (4) get residents involved with the campaign.

Refresh-2This Ramadan, we were planted in front of two partner stores—Mali Mart and A Lot To Save Foods—on Tuesdays and Thursdays for three weeks. We were successful in signing up residents to get involved specifically with the Muslim Run campaign, giving out over 500 smoothies, and selling fruit at a discounted rate. Our youth leaders were instrumental in conducting surveys and ushering residents into the store to see the healthy display of produce, while steering committee leaders were working with storeowners on store layout.

This year’s “Refresh the ‘Hood” allowed IMAN to get closer to the Muslim Run Campaign’s goal of an overall revamping of our partner stores, including making structural and aesthetic changes in the stores, strengthening our store committees for each store and beginning to spread our impact inside of schools in Englewood and Chicago Lawn around healthy lifestyles. Many thanks to our partners Lupe Fiasco Foundation  and Al Bawadi Grill for providing the fresh produce and smoothies to help advance our Muslim Run efforts this Ramadan.

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