SB 2282: The Time for Parole Reform is NOW

In 2014 alone, over 8,200 people in Illinois were sent back to prison due to harsh parole technicalities—making up nearly 75% of all recidivism cases. In response to this crisis, IMAN organizers drafted SB 2282, the Removing Invisible Bars Bill, which would remove the immense strain and undue pressure placed on the formerly incarcerated by easing these overly stringent restrictions. The bill is currently being read in on the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives.

Real parole reform won’t come about without a unified, commmunity-wide push. Here’s how you can do your part to remove the invisible bars:

Call or Email the Members of the Illinois State Rep

Elgie Sims, Jr. — (217) 782-6476;
Scott Drury — (217) 782-0902;
John M. Cabello — (217) 782-0455;
Barbara Flynn Currie — (217) 782-8121
John D. Anthony — (217) 782-5997;
Terri Bryant — (217) 782-0387;
Kelly M. Cassidy — (217) 782-8088;
Rita Mayfield — (217) 558-1012
Christian L. Mitchell — (217) 782-2023;
Ron Sandack — (217) 782-6578;
Brian W. Stewart — (217) 782-8186;
Arthur Turner — (217) 782-8116;
Emanuel Chris Welch — (217) 782-8120;
Barbara Wheeler — (217) 782-1664;
Michael J. Zalewski — (217) 782-5280;

springfieldAnd Say:

“Hello, as an Illinois citizen concerned with reforming our broken system of mass incarceration, I believe that parole reform is vital issue for our state. Our brothers and sisters returning home from prison deserve opportunities to help better our communities free from the harsh technicalities that currently exist. I urge you to vote ‘YES’ on SB 2282, and to ensure that your fellow state representatives do the same. Thank you.”

If you’d like to get even more connected in the fight to remove the invisible bars, contact IMAN Organizing Director Shamar Hemphill today!