Seen and Heard

Thanks to the brilliant work, heart and commitment of filmmaker Ava DuVernay, the story that defined a significant part of my life and the lives of four other young men from Harlem is now being witnessed across the world through the Netflix series “When They See Us.”

At the heart of our story and our longing for justice is a larger message about the invisibility of the wrongfully incarcerated and tens of thousands of others across the country who find themselves criminalized by structural racism and lack of opportunity.

That’s why IMAN’s work has resonated so deeply with me ever since I was introduced to it by my friend, IMAN Atlanta Director, Mansoor Sabree. I’ve had the pleasure and honor of engaging their work on the ground in Atlanta, and have been inspired from afar by its holistic model continuing to flourish in Chicago after 21 years.

Through efforts like IMAN’s Green ReEntry and criminal justice organizing campaigns, I know that thousands of powerful stories are now being seen and heard in very impactful ways. As we close out the final hours of this blessed month, I know that the Most High has seen all of you supporting this special organization, and pray that Divine Love and Mercy descends upon all of you.

If you didn’t get an opportunity to donate during Ramadan, please do so during these celebratory days of Eid and help IMAN successfully close out its “One Link, One Chain” Ramadan Drive with a generous zakat-eligible and tax-deductible donation.

Yusuf Salaam

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