Sisters Circle Strengthens Bonds

With a post-Ramadan spiritual boost last year, an inspired group of IMAN staff, board members and leaders established a collaborative safe space called “Sisters Circle.” Rooted in a passion to nurture and uplift all participants, Sisters Circle has quickly grown into a strong network of female leaders committed to mutual support.

Sisters CircleMuslim Run Campaign Manager Sara Hamdan has been instrumental to the Sisters Circle, and she greatly values the group’s unique intergenerational dynamics. “It’s extremely important to be able to recognize the contributions of the women who preceded us, the younger generation,” said Hamdan. “We can connect movements and align the goals of different generations when we have a space to learn from one another.”

Sisters Circle participants have also built strong relationships through exploring the diverse faith traditions that they bring into the space, using those perspectives to enrich dialogue about common experiences. During a recent meeting, a discussion on power and agency was enhanced by both the Biblical and Qur’anic narratives about Sarah and Hagar.

The gatherings happen each month at IMAN. For more information about Sisters Circle, please contact Sara Hamdan at

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