UCCRO Arizona Human Rights Solidarity Ride

IMAN and the United Congress believe that the fight against SB 1070 in Arizona – with its inherent racial profiling and separation of immigrant families – provides opportunities to create broad alliances with other marginalized communities that can advance the rights of all. So we are sending 9 Black, Latino, Arab, and Asian leaders—youth and adults, from Christian and Muslim communities—on a 5-day trip to register voters in Phoenix, Arizona starting Friday, October 1.

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“Perhaps there are few issues more burning than the broken immigration system of our nation. The genuine complexity of this longstanding issue is being combined with political and social demagoguery to marginalize, even criminalize large segments of the Latino immigrant community.” Read More

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Photos and Videos
Meet some of our riders: Haroon Najam, Nabeel Khan, Rebecca Martinez, Abdul-Hassan Wali, and Taheesha Orji, leaders at IMAN, Enlace and TARGET Area Development Corp. Other riders not in the video are Josina Morita, Hazel Gomez, Haseeb Haroon, and Mark Crain.

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