Connecting the Issues: Immigration Reform, National Security and the Human Rights Framework, Part 1

When we attempt to view the intersection of debates on immigration reform and national security within a human rights framework, it reaffirms the significance of solidarity movements in the struggles of marginalized peoples. In this vein, and in reflection of the UCCRO Arizona Human Rights Solidarity Ride to Phoenix, Arizona in solidarity with immigration reform leaders, IMAN hosted a webinar Wednesday, October 13, 2010.

Shahid Buttar is a nationally-recognized artist and civil rights lawyer. He has a J.D. from Stanford University and has worked for The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, Muslim Advocates, National Association of Muslim Lawyers. He currently leads The Bill of Rights Defense Committee. Buttar led a conversation on the intersection of immigration reform and national security. Joining him was Rev. Dr. Patricia Watkins of TARGET Area Development Corporation to assist in analyzing their relationship within a human rights framework.

This was the first of two seminars aimed at broadening the conversation on immigration reform. Click here to listen to Dr. Watkin’s portion of the webinar.