Two Must-See Docs: Playing In The Chi!

Al-Hafeez Community Center has been a longtime supporter and ally of IMAN, and we share with them a commitment to anti-violence work in the city. Many of our key leaders, board members and staff have been intimately involved in leading CeaseFire’s work on Chicago’s Southwest Side and we are very excited about the success and critical acclaim of this extraordinary documentary.

IMAN has supported the Ta’leef Collective in Chicago initiative since its launching and hosted many of Usama Canon’s engagements in Chicago.

These two movies use the creative arts to highlight and engage issues such as anti-violence work in Chicago (The Interrupters), and the meaning of Islam in the lives and dreams of young Muslim adults (Wayward Son), both issues that IMAN engages with in its organizing and arts & culture work.

Al-Hafeez Community Center Presents
The Interrupters: Film Screening & Panel Discussion with Ameena Mathews and Director Steve James
Saturday, February 18 – 10am-2pm
Gene Siskel Film Center
164 N. State Street, Chicago
$25 Tickets (includes movie & lunch): Call Elijah Muhammad @ (773) 510-3562 to purchase

The Interrupters is a documentary from Kartemquin Films that tells the moving and surprising stories of three Violence Interrupters—Ameena Matthews, Cobe Williams and Eddie Bocanegra—who have credibility on the streets because of their own personal histories, as they intervene in conflicts before  they explode into violence and cost lives in their Chicago communities. Shot over the course of a year, the film captures a period in Chicago when it became a national symbol for the violence in our cities.

Al-Hafeez Community Center was established on Chicago’s South Side by The Shaykh, Dr. Abdur Rashied Matthews over 22 years ago. Known by all as The Shaykh, he has been a powerful influence in the community for decades. The Shaykh is the Spiritual Advisor of the Masjid and Community Center. Al-Hafeez Community Center has put on many events in the Chicagoland area. Our purpose is to promote Spiritual Awareness, Self-Respect, Unity, and Health. The members of Al-Hafeez Community Center are strong Advocates for stopping Violence, increasing Education, and bringing Financial Stability to all Communities in Chicago as well as in the nation.

Ta’leef Collective in Chicago Presents
Wayward Son: Film Screening & Panel Discussion with Usama Canon and Director Mustafa Davis
Friday, Feb 24th, 7-10pm
American Islamic College Theatre,
613 W. Bittersweet Place, Chicago
$7 Tickets ($10 at door): Purchase here

Wayward Son – The Jordan Richter Story is the intimate story of professional skateboarder Jordan Richter and his rapid rise and disappearance from the sport of skateboarding. Jordan embraced the religion of Islam in the mid 90’s and out of what he felt was a religious obligation, quit professional competition. 15 years later he learns that skateboarding is not prohibited in Islam and making up for lost time, attempts a comeback.

Ta’leef Collective began as Zaytuna Institute’s Outreach program in 2002 and was born into an independent organization in 2005.  Ta’leef Collective provides the space, content and companionship necessary for a healthy understanding, embrace and realization of Islam. We serve seekers actively interested in Islam and converts to the faith, assisting them in realizing a sustainable conversion to and practice of Islam, and a healthy, gradual integration into our greater Muslim community. Ta’leef Collective also strives to reengage the growing number of disenfranchised and often marginalized Muslim young adults.

Ta’leef’s team has been working for some time now to ensure the viability and sustainability of programming in Chicagoland, by way of regular visits and focus groups with partners and stakeholders across the area. Throughout 2012, we will be developing and shaping the programs that will become the core of our offering, and, God willing, move toward holding those programs in a new space, one that we hope will be welcoming, warm, and inspiring to our guests and visitors.


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