Taqi became an #IMANSustainer… You can too!



Why I Am An #IMANSustainer:
Meet Taqi Thomas


If anyone is a living testament to the life-changing work being done at IMAN, it is our dear brother Taqi Thomas. Since joining our community almost two decades ago, Taqi has grown from an inaugural member of our pilot housing program (Project Restore) to the manager of our Community Engagement & Safety department –– a role that involves overseeing the safety and care of close to a hundred staff members, and countless community members, guests and visitors at IMAN.

In his time with us, Taqi has become a participant leader, a homeowner through our Green ReEntry program, a staff supervisor, and most of all, a dearly beloved brother dedicated to the sustainment of spiritually-rooted and transformative work for generations to come.


In the video above, hear Taqi tell his story through his own words and learn why it is so important for himself and others to become #IMANSustainers in this pivotal moment of our 25-year history.


Become one of the first 250 #IMANSustainers of our 2,500 year-long goal by this Friday!




“If it wasn’t for those who gave and donated to IMAN, the program that helped set my life trajectory on the path that it is now wouldn’t have been possible.” – Taqi Thomas