“Crime, Punishment & Redemption” on CBS

On Sunday, October 5th, IMAN and our Green ReEntry Program is featured on the latest CBS Religion & Culture interfaith special! “This program looks at how faith communities helps returning citizens and their families put their lives back together after incarceration. Crime, Punishment & Redemption takes you to the South Side of Chicago, where the Inner-City Muslim Action Network’s Green Reentry program turns foreclosed property into a new start for the formerly incarcerated[.] Not to be missed!” This special highlights the work made possible by our supporters: You help us creatively tackle the debilitating challenges confronting too many of our inner-city communities. Check your local listings or watch the program streaming from your computer.

“It’s called the Green ReEntry program.” Chicago Public Radio

The green component includes eco-friendly insulation, preserving rain runoff with buckets and installing ultra-efficient appliances. In the backyard vibrant swiss chard marks a vegetable garden. Now, the building’s basement will be a community space for block club meetings or other social gatherings. Two families rent apartments in the rehabbed building for below market rate. The goal is to transition them into home ownership. It’s a rare bright spot in a neighborhood rocked by foreclosures. According to the Woodstock Institute think tank, the rate of long-term vacancy in Chicago Lawn is nearly twice as high as the rest of Chicago. Listen to entire story here

Muslim Run & GOTV

During the next month, IMAN leaders will be hitting the pavement to register the community to vote. Six days a week, leaders will be stationed in and around three of our Muslim Run corner stores. As we continue to push to transform corner stores across Englewood and West Englewood into sites of community education and engagement, we believe that voter education and empowerment centered in and around these stores is a key tool to ensure that voices from the community are heard. Read More

Backyard Garden Building Relationships

Over the past three months, both youth and adult leaders have been hard at work cultivating IMAN’s back yard garden at the new Green ReEntry home. The backyard garden will serve as a vehicle for building strong relationships between leaders in the home and residents of the surrounding community. It’s not only about growing fresh produce and eating healthy, but it’s about the idea of inspiring new ways of thinking about community life. Read More

IMAN is one of the first places Muslims should gift their zakat al-mal. – Imam Suhaib Webb

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