Arts & Culture

Dynamic presentation and expression of the arts have been integral to IMAN’s work of organizing for social change and fostering health and wellness in the inner city since our inception. IMAN Arts & Culture supports the creation, collaboration and presentation of community-engaged art guided by a philosophy that incorporates three core values:

1) Spiritually Rooted | Our arts and organizing model is both rooted in spiritual tradition and broadly informed by past and present social movements and struggles for equality. Our programs feature artists from across faith traditions who are intentional about working from principles of compassion, service and justice.

2) Spatially Relevant | Our arts programming honors spaces activated with historical legacies and cultural significance as sites where artistic expression can build bridges between disconnected communities. We are committed to supporting, investing, and partnering with the communities we engage by offering accessible, relevant artistic events.

3) Socially Conscious | We are deeply invested in the arts as a social practice to enhance cultural and civic awareness, to cultivate leadership, to build power and to challenge the social issues and structural/systemic injustices impeding a dignified quality of life for all people.

Through multicultural Arts Presenting (Community Cafe, Takin’ It to the Streets), collaborative Community Arts (Beloved Community Ceramic Arts Studio, Martin Luther King, Jr. Living Memorial) and a dynamic Artist Roster, IMAN Arts & Culture provides vibrant, unique forums that facilitate radically reimagining the world as it could be, connect disconnected communities, and nurture individual and communal transformative healing.