Arts & Culture

IMAN believes that creative expression is an essential means toward realizing a more just, equitable peaceful world. Valuing the arts as fundamental to community organizing and engagement is a key principle of IMAN’s mission to foster holistic health, wellness and healing.

Through multicultural Arts Presenting, collaborative Community Arts programming and a dynamic Artist Roster, IMAN Arts & Culture provides vibrant, unique forums that facilitate cross-cultural understanding and drive social change.

IMAN Arts & Culture is guided by five core practices:

1.) Radically Reimagining The World As It Could Be
2.) Centering the Arts as Essential Social Justice Work
3.) Cultivating Transformation through Creativity, Spiritual Sensibility and Healing
4.) Uniting Disconnected, Isolated Communities
5.) Activating Inclusive and Safer Spaces

Community Café
Takin’ It to the Streets

Mos Def Gives His Salaam at Takin’ It to the Streets

Takin’ It to the Streets Headliner Mos Def says As Salaamu Alaikum to thousands of Chicagoans and performs “Wahid” from his album The Ecstatic.