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A cutting-edge initiative in the heart of Englewood

“Go Green” is an equitable development neighborhood initiative. Located at the intersection connecting Englewood and West Englewood areas, it will introduce three capital assets: a Fresh Market ; an innovative repurposing of a former Chicago Public School as a hub for supportive housing, reentry services and green enterprise; as well as a mixed-use development with housing, a business incubator, and a fine-dining restaurant all inside.

Go Green on Racine is a partnership between Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN), Teamwork Englewood, Resident Association of Greater Englewood (R.A.G.E) and E.G. Woode.

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A cooperative-inspired fresh produce market, including a Chef Concept café and headquarters for IMAN’s Corner Store Campaign.
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An innovative repurposing of a former Chicago Public School as a hub for supportive housing, reentry services, and green enterprise.
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A mixed-use development with 20 mixed-income rental units, E.G. Woode’s Englewood Business Incubator, and Pazzo’s Italian restaurant.

Go Green will also launch two accompanying strategies

A housing vision to increase home ownership and rehab 350 vacant properties in surrounding blocks, and a transit agenda to reopen the Racine Green Line station and attract equitable transit-oriented development resources.

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Rebuilding the Community from Within

Residents are at the heart of equitable development, and we’re focused on improving housing options and home ownership. 350 surrounding vacant units will be renovated over the next 5 years. These renovations will hire the reentering citizens and at-risk youth from The Regenerator’s work programs, bringing employment and income opportunities to the area.

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Radically Reimagining Equitable Transit-Oriented Development

In 5 years we aim to create the momentum, density, and investment that will lead to the re-opening of a new Racine Green Line Station. Residents will finally have improved service, reduced walking times and access to nearby new amenities. There’s also plans to convert the abandoned historical landmark that is the old station into a community asset— more to come!

The Partnership Making it Happen