IMAN Community Iftar with Imam Suhaib Webb

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, June 21 for an evening of community engagement and reflection. IMAN’s Annual Community Iftar brings a diverse cross-section of families, friends and residents together to deepen the ties that bond us. Special guest Imam Suhaib Webb will join us to share spiritual reflections, followed by a healthy iftar dinner and taraweeh (night) prayer under the stars. RSVP Today!

Trump’s Forgotten Muslims & Terror–Fighting Back

While many across the US were celebrating the legacy of Malcolm X, President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia ironically—or conveniently—omitted the historic and dynamic role of Muslims in America. The effects of this omission were exacerbated by the recent horrific attacks in Manchester, London, and other cities carried out by violent extremists determined to perpetuate the false perception that Muslims are agents of terror and barbarity. Read More

IMAN ATL Green ReEntry: A Bold Intervention

Early this year, five of Atlanta’s returning citizens joined Green ReEntry, an intensive, 12-week training and education course in plumbing and project management offered by Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) in Atlanta. Green ReEntry offers support to formerly incarcerated individuals facing barriers to employment, and has been a cornerstone of IMAN’s work since the organization’s inception 20 years ago. Read More

Meet IMAN’s Health & Wellness Advocates

IMAN leaders Markus Harris and Cedric Smith recently stepped into roles as Health & Wellness Advocates, working full time at the intersection of our community organizing and farmers’ market work. We sat down with both young men, longtime Marquette Park residents, to discuss their experiences on staff. Read More


IMAN is a community organization that fosters health, wellness and healing in the inner-city by organizing for social change, cultivating the arts and operating a holistic health center. Learn more about IMAN