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    The Message

    Fighting Fear/Building Power—Renewing The Call For A Beloved Community

    We come together to stand in mutual solidarity with all individuals, groups and families who feel marginalized, frightened, or disrespected as we move into a new season in our nation. We are bound to one another in what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called "an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny."

    We pledge to work with one another to decriminalize our communities, hold police more accountable and fight to reform the criminal justice system.

    We pledge to provide protection and safe space for all immigrants, documented and undocumented, all refugees, and anyone being targeted by hateful policies.

    We pledge to work against attempts to subject religious minorities to unconstitutional surveillance, registries and unjust treatment.

    Our 3 Commitments

    We make three commitments, to be implemented within three months:

    • The Community: 9 Relational Meetings (3 Per Month):
      • We commit to hearing from each other directly and learning each other’s stories. We cannot stand in solidarity with one another if we don’t know one another. We strive to understand both the shared and distinct challenges and aspirations of our collective stories.
    • The Family: Dinner Meeting & Conversation:
      • We commit to scheduling one family dinner, inviting others from different communities to our kitchen tables so they may become a site of genuine engagement with our diverse lived experiences.
    • The Individual: One Act of Mutual Solidarity:
      • We commit to at least one act of solidarity, standing with or for those outside of our immediate community: organizing a prayer at a detention center, attending a public hearing on solitary confinement, participating in a rally, or any other action that amplifies our voices and uplifts the dignity of people in other communities.
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