Finance Intern

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

Maintains and updates records of fiscal transactions manually or on the computer; posts payments and refunds received to appropriate account or cost center; completes forms and logs to create records of such transactions as deposits, receipts, and mileage; prepares journal entries for approval by supervisor; releases encumbrances for purchase order, ensuring funds available for expenditure; checks and verifies such documents as requisitions, invoices, and purchase orders, and contacts vendors to correct errors; routes payment documents for approval and processing by Auditor for payment; checks documents for accuracy of name, amounts, and date.

Makes computations for balancing and maintaining ledgers, completing reports, and providing information upon request for specific purposes using a calculator; balances and reconciles monies received, daily deposits, and credit card statements; calculates extensions on requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices; and calculates shipping costs and discounts; adds disbursements to balance with disbursements journal; calculates fees and appropriate credit or payment reductions, based on sliding scale fee for service schedule.

Answers correspondence, phone, and electronic mail concerning procedures or inquiries on the processing of payments by responding verbally or in writing; contacts vendors about items not received on outstanding purchase orders; obtains information from various divisions of departments or outside agencies in order to maintain accurate accounts; responds to requests from public about such issues as non-receipt of County warrants, by obtaining information and following up to resolve issue.

Types or keys in data from forms, correspondence, reports, and other documents; prepares, issues, and/or mails claims, deposits, refunds, and/or billings; sets up and maintains current records on accounts, employee information files, work orders, client registration, and information sheets manually or on computer spreadsheets or tables; maintains manuals by deleting or adding appropriate material.

Maintains and updates files for payment documents, invoices, requisitions, accounts payable and receivable, and correspondence; gathers and collates records as requested to compile information; locates files or reports as requested by supervisor or others; processes, photocopies, and files documents and records as required for record keeping; purges files and records according to established procedures.

•    Intermediate College-Level Accounting Courses
•    Knowledge of: U.S. monetary system for purposes of making change, receiving payments, or making calculations; and basic arithmetic including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to make simple calculations
•    Ability to: perform simple arithmetical calculations, including decimals and percentages; read and understand correspondence and procedures; follow oral and written instructions; write and print legibly, clearly, and uniformly to record information; file information alphabetically, numerically, and chronologically accurately; organize work in step-by-step order; maintain confidentiality of information; deal with public and employees tactfully; type and/or key in information accurately on forms and for correspondence; work under stress of meeting deadlines; accurately copy information from a written or on-screen source; write simple memos using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling; adjust to changes in workloads and assignments; and learn to access and use various computer applications and office equipment.