Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture can create powerful artistic movements that celebrate the unity of humanity. IMAN cultivates the arts as a dynamic forum to facilitate cross-cultural understanding and create community depth and purpose that can drive social change.

IMAN has incorporated art and cultural expression as an integral aspect of its programming since the inception of the organization over ten years ago. Celebrating traditional Muslim art forms while actively engaging contemporary expressions of popular culture has lent a dynamic edge to IMAN’s art and culture programming that has generated local, national, and international media coverage on Muslims in the arts. Moreover, IMAN’s role in such programming has served to empower and connect young Muslims and others with a vibrant means to connect to one another and the larger society.

Community Café
Takin’ It to the Streets

Mos Def Gives His Salaam at Takin’ It to the Streets 2010

Takin’ It to the Streets 2010 Headliner Mos Def says As Salaamu Alaikum to thousands of Chicagoans and performs “Wahid” from his latest album The Ecstatic (2009).